Are you Getting This?

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I would like all that see this post to email me. I just wondering how useful this site is. Seeing how most of our family uses Facebook, this family blog started by our guru family member JonMarc hasn’t gotten much usage. However, there is still hope. For a start, email me and let me know that you have read this. I can then determine where/how we can communicate with each other better. Long Live Mom!

The Big Celebration….

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First matter of business:

Who will be coming to the reunion?  Dates July 17-19 (If more than 2 children are not able to make it, should we try this next year?)

 Please let me know ASAP.

Family Reunion has been upgraded to a Agnes Madisons’ Birthday Celebration

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Date:   JULY 19th, 2009 

A banquet Bar-B-Q in Agnes Marie Madisons honor and birthday will be held on the 19th of July.  Mark your calendars!  Also all of you that wish to post to this site ( email me or JonMarc and an account will be set up for you. You can use my email address of madisonkenneth at gmail.

Beauty runs in the Family!

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My son’s daughter. Kaila Beyonce Madison

More Web Presence

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Hey Family members!   For more pics and info on our family, go to   Also I have a ‘blog’ page that also has some stuff on it.  Enjoy!

Fake background pic at a juke joint

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We went to Chicago a week after our Anniversary.  This was a picture taken at a club one night.  The staircase background is painted on a bed sheet.  Classic. This photo is also cropped and retouched in Photoshop.

jon marc in indianapolis

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it would have been nice if i would have posted something *in advance* of heading out. it was a great, short trip, that we’re hoping to all make again in the Spring. here’s a link to select photos i took while i was out there. Blake has a gang of ‘em on his hard drive too if you want to see them all. :)

hey there!

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SPT 09.05.2006

greetings from vacation…..actually we just got back. Don’t we look happy with mickey:)

Aunt Bettie’s Birthday

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For all that want to know.

September 23rd is Aunt Bettie Cody’s Birthday.  Don’t forget to call her. Also, Gary Madison will be celebrating his birthday the next day on the 24th of September.  Give him a call too (if you can find him!)


I am not afraid

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“I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.”

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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace